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Recycled Patio Furniture from Fine Oak Things

Recycled Patio Furniture

Recycled Patio Furniture from Fine Oak Things

Recycled Patio Furniture

Patio season is upon us and Canadians are now reviewing their patio furniture options. The warmer weather is on its way and it’s time to hit the cottage!  Environmentally-conscious consumers are looking at how to enhance their outdoor furniture without impacting the environment. Recycled Patio, a division of Fine Oak Things, is the leading product to respond to this type of home décor challenge.  Fine Oak Things offers customers across Burlington, Milton, and Oakville a complete line of recycled patio furniture.  This exclusive line includes:  Adirondack (Muskoka) chairs, patio dining sets, gliders, and much more.

Our patio furniture is carefully handcrafted by Amish craftsmen. The furniture begins as plastic containers, which are  ground, washed and scrubbed to eliminate contaminants. It is then treated with UV stabilizer during the colouring process to protect against fading.  Finally, the plastic is compounded into board material to provide a workable boards that are over 90% post-consumer waste.

No More Winter Storage

In addition to being eco-friendly, another reason to our line is that it is designed to be maintenance free!  Our furniture can be left outside year-round and is guaranteed against rotting warping or fading.  No more refinishing those old wooden Muskoka chairs. Because each product is handcrafted, as opposed to the mass-produced items offered by competitors, Fine Oak Things can guarantee exceptional product quality.

We feature extensive options and styles to enhance any cottage or home landscape. Everything is made from recycled materials and designed for ultimate comfort.  Our furniture is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against any cracking, rotting, or fading. Recycled Patio also has a full suite of accessories for customers to complete their outdoor oasis.

Fine Oak Things’ selection of recycled furniture products comes in many colour combinations, ideal for seamless integration with any outdoor space.  Whether purchasing for their cottage, home, or business you’ll find a design and colour that suits your space.  We’ve tailored our line to meet the needs of the modern furniture buyer.

To discuss your home or cottage patio furniture requirements with a specialist, contact us by phone or email.

See the full product lineup here.

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