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How It Is Made

At Recycled Patio, we don’t just sell furniture, we also tell you how it is made.  Our furniture is made from high density polyethylene, also called HDPE or Poly.  Poly is made from recycled post-consumer plastic waste, such as milk jugs.  During the recycling, the plastic is ground down, washed and scrubbed to eliminate contamination and ensure a purity level of 99% HDPE.

Colouring Process

During the colouring process, the Poly is UV treated so it is protected against fading.  There will be some shift in colour over time, however fading to white is covered under our limited lifetime warranty.  The colour goes right through the board, so scratches will not show any white underneath.

Finished Product

Once coloured, the Poly is compounded into rigid board material.  Boards are formed in various thicknesses and ship and work just like regular lumber.  The finished product contains over 90% recycled post-consumer waste by weight.  During furniture manufacturing, any cutoffs or shavings are sent back to the recycling plant so that nothing is wasted.

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