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Best Patio Furniture for Warm Summer Days

Island Dining Collection

Best Patio Furniture for Warm Summer Days

Recycled Patio provides the best patio furniture for warm spring afternoons.  You’ll love enjoying with a cool drink outside on your patio seating. The only problem is that outdoor furniture can seem like a hassle to care for. In the event you’re tired of dealing with furniture that needs to be stored for the winter, or fades under the summer sun, then recycled patio furniture from Fine Oak Things may be the remedy you need.

Fine Oak Things has selected three designs that are essential pieces of recycled patio furniture for any outdoor arrangement.

Adirondack Chairs

Deluxe Adirondack Chair - Blue/Black

Deluxe Adirondack Chair – Blue/Black


Adirondack chairs have been an outdoor staple on North American patios for over 100 years. Their simple, yet functional design create the ideal blend of comfort and utility for any social situation.

The Deluxe version is a classic Adirondack chair design, built to last and easy to maintain. The Royal chair design is a variation of the traditional Adirondack chair that includes a slightly elevated seat to make sitting and rising from the chair easier. The Lakeside design is a compact and highly mobile chair that you can easily move around your patio.


Double Classic Glider - Weatherwood/Black

Double Classic Glider – Weatherwood/Black

As comfortable as Adirondack chairs are, sometimes you feel the need for a little movement, a role that Gliders were built to play. Gliders offer a gentle rocking motion for your favourite chair designs, and many come in large sizes so you can enjoy the seat with a loved one.

The Rollback glider is the most popular design, because of its classic appearance and smooth operation. The Classic Highback provides additional back and neck support for those days you want to take a nap in your recycled patio furniture. The Adirondack style uses the angled seat of the Adirondack chair for exceptional comfort.

Island Dining Set

The Island dining set is a great way to complete your set of recycled patio furniture. Mix and match your favorite chairs with an island dining table to create a cozy outdoor dining area for your friends and family.

The tables come in a huge variety of colors that will compliment almost any chair that you choose, giving you tremendous freedom of design.

Recycled Patio, a division of Fine Oak Things, is a maintenance free furniture solution that doesn’t have to be stored for the winter. The stunning selection of colors includes more than 30 different color combinations, and the classic Amish craftsmanship means that furniture is built to last.

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